Women In STEM Round Table with Katrien Herdeweyn<

Women In STEM Round Table with Katrien Herdeweyn

  |   Kazernestraat 82 1000 Brussel

Exciting news for our Women In STEM Fellows! On Thursday May 25th, we’ll be welcoming Katrien Herdeweyn all the way from San Francisco, California to our headquarters in Brussels.

Katrien’s career has been very impressive so far. She has filled positions such as Researcher in Solid State Physics and Magnetism and Honorary Professor at Faculty of Engineering @ KU Leuven.

She’s also very innovative when it comes to combining fashion with STEM. She’s the founder of @elegnano, a brand where elegant women shoes meet nanotechnology!

Another brand she has co-founded is Nukaryo, where they create lab-grown leather, hides, and textiles with cutting edge 4D biofabrication, tissue engineering, and biopolymer processing techniques.

It’s safe to say that this Round Table will be one for the books as Katrien will share her inspiring journey and career in STEM.

The Women In STEM Fellowship is sponsored by @astrazeneca.
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