MARS Design Thinking Masterclass<

MARS Design Thinking Masterclass

  |   Kleine Kloosterstraat 8 1932 Zaventem

Grab a chance to learn from the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections 🍫🍬.

On May 25th, we’re organizing an insightful day at Mars Belgium where you’ll be able to learn about the design thinking process at Mars AND meet the General Manager, An de Volder, during a Round Table.

👉 During the Design Thinking Masterclass you’ll get easy-to-apply tools for everyday business and private use when it comes to problem-solving (sounds very useful, if you ask us!)

👉 After a lunch at their Eat Hub, you’ll be able to sit down with General Manager An de Volder and Aubry Locht, Category & Portfolio Director. They’ll tell you everything about their personal journeys and careers in this world-known multinational.

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