Talent Webinar: Healthy Careers at J&J<

Talent Webinar: Healthy Careers at J&J

You’re invited!

Johnson & Johnson is a diverse company with a wide range of different job profiles in healthcare. To support our people, we actively work on subject matters such as Healthy Careers. That’s exactly why we’ve invited Salmaan Sana to give an inspiring Talent Webinar, “Transform doubts into stepping stones” on October 20, in which we’ll share development insights and engaging career stories.

What can you expect?

Salmaan Sana will help you transform your doubts and frustrations into positive, constructive steps. As a young talent, it’s possible that you face many challenges, choices and opportunities. But how do you navigate those and with what mindset? In this webinar, Salmaan will guide you on how you can approach your challenges as well as the power of your influence. We are looking forward to seeing you on October 20!