IDAR ACADEMY – How to launch your international career<

IDAR ACADEMY – How to launch your international career

Launching an international career can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also requires careful planning and preparation.

One of the main tips we would give to all our ASATT members is to seek support from mentors or coaches to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of an international career.

That’s why we’ve organized another IDAR Academy webinar with Johnson & Johnson United States! 🇺🇸

On Tuesday March 7th, you will have the opportunity to talk to Simon Walsh, Head Data Acquisition And Coding at Janssen Inc.

Not only will he inspire you with his leadership journey and experience at a leading company in healthcare and pharmaceutics, he will also share all his knowledge on how to launch your international career at Johnson & Johnson!

If you ever dreamed about having an international career at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies IN THE WORLD – this is your shot! 💥

Grab your seat now🚀