Round Table with Serge Fautré<

Round Table with Serge Fautré

  |   Brussel

We’re excited to invite you to a thought-provoking Round Table with Serge Fautré, the CEO of AG Real Estate, Belgium’s premier real estate company under AG Insurance. AG Real Estate boasts a diverse portfolio, managing over €6 billion in assets, including state-of-the-art offices, bustling shopping centers, logistic properties, and cozy residential spaces.

Under Serge’s leadership, AG Real Estate champions sustainability and innovation, pushing the boundaries to create eco-friendly and technologically advanced urban spaces. Their commitment to green initiatives and enhancing city life is at the heart of their projects across Europe. AG Real Estate is also renowned for its role in Interparking, revolutionizing parking solutions to improve urban mobility.

This Round Table is an exceptional opportunity for aspiring professionals to gain insights into the future of real estate and urban development. You’ll learn about the impact of sustainable practices and innovative designs in shaping vibrant communities.