CEO Round Table met Dewi Van De Vyver<

CEO Round Table met Dewi Van De Vyver

  |   Kazernestraat 82 1000 Brussel

On April 12th, we will be welcoming Dewi Van De Vyver (Ethics & Leadership | Inspiring Fifty Europe 2022 award winner | ICT Woman of the Year 2020 | Keynote speaker) at the ASATT headquarters in Brussels.

As a passionate advocate for ethics in tech, sustainable business, and greater diversity in the tech industry, Dewi is known to bring a unique perspective to the table.

You can find her:

✅ on the panel of the podcast Tech45,

✅ with the event The Ada Talks,

✅ in several boards of directors,

✅ and in the government’s advisory group for technology education.

During the round table, Dewi will share her experiences and insights on the intersection of technology, business, and ethics, and the role of CEOs in driving positive change.

This event is exclusively for our Women In STEM & Future Women Leaders Fellows.